Learn 1,000 Words in Thirty Days Available on Kindle

Cover of the book Learn 1,000 Words in 30 Days by Adam Wik

The new language learning guide Learn 1,000 Words in Thirty Days is out now on Kindle.

If you’ve always wanted to learn a second language but have struggled to get to even a basic speaking level even after years of classes and study, you’re not alone. Just about everyone has a story about how their four years of classes in Spanish, French, or any other language during high school or college left them totally unprepared to converse with native speakers. It isn’t a problem with the students – the problem is no one is ever taught the most effective ways to learn.

In this guide Adam lays out the processes and tools he and his wife Caroline have used repeatedly to jump start their acquisition of new languages by learning up to 1,000 new words in as few as thirty days. Now you can use the same method they’ve used to learn five new languages to fluency to start learning your next language.

Whether you’ve always struggled with language learning, you need to learn a large number of new words for a language class, or have already successfully learned other languages but are looking for something to make your learning more efficient, this guide will give you the tools to build your learning into a habit and finally memorize vocab effectively.

With their system if you’re willing to put the time and work in, there’s no reason you can’t have learned over 1,000 new words by the end of next month.

You can get the guide for only $0.99 for Kindle on Amazon.

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The Errand Out Now on Kindle

Cover of the book The Errand by Adam Wik

The Errand is out now for Kindle.

All David wants is to get some sleep – his promotion hinges on how well he does at his big presentation in the morning. His wife Claire has been violently coughing all night though, and neither of them can get any rest.

David runs to the 24 hour pharmacy to get her some relief not knowing that when he returns home, the horrors waiting for him there will guarantee his promotion is the last thing he’ll be worried about. He’s soon thrown into chaos and uncertainty, wrestling with violent murder of his wife and a detective who’s asking some uncomfortable questions. Could Claire still be alive? How can David prove his innocence? Could he have really murdered his own wife?

The Errand is only $0.99. You can find get it for Kindle on Amazon.

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Honorbound Released on Kindle, Nook, & Kobo

Cover of the book Honorbound by Adam Wik

You can now find Honorbound on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

When a teenage boy’s uncle buys him an antique katana from an auction as a birthday gift he thinks he’s the luckiest kid alive. He soon finds that the blade holds an equally ancient curse – it must take a life every time it’s pulled from its sheath or else it will take the life of whomever drew it. As more and more accidents begin to happen he has to make a choice – is he willing to kill someone, or will the sword slay him first.


“This was a great story… a terror ride that will remain for a while.” – M. Burt

“There seems to be a subsection of literature/TV where a modern-day teenager finds an ancient, powerful weapon and is forced to choose to use it for good or evil, and this could have easily retread those same plots for a solid, but predictable story. Luckily, though, the author seems to turn the whole concept on its head for something new.” – Amazon Reviewer

Where to Find It

Honorbound is only $0.99, and you can find it at all the links below.

Honorbound by Adam Wik for Amazon Kindle

Honorbound by Adam Wik for Barnes & Noble’s Nook

Honorbound by Adam Wik for Kobo

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